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Thank you truly for your exceptional guidance, encouragement and support!  My Broadway audition went over extremely well.  I have a callback!!!  They loved my singing, playing, charm and stage presence.  I am flattered and thrilled that they want to see me again!  Apparently, I made quite a "lasting impression" on them. Thank you for giving me such confidence and instilling strength in me that I never knew I had.  You are an inspiration to me.  
With Love and Gratitude.
You're the best!"

Alexa Ray Joel
Singer / Songwriter / Pianist / Actress

There are many words that can describe what I feel and have learned from The Panaro Academy of Dramatic Arts. I think I grew up….. not only as a professional but as a person. Amazing is the word I choose to describe my experience. Thank you Anna Panaro. You are the best teacher ever! I hope to come back soon!

Joana Vieira
TV Host / Actress / Writer / Journalist
Lisbon, Portugal

Thank you for nurturing the flickering flame that has now become a blazing inferno.

Ken Jacobson
Broadway Actor
"Torch Song Trilogy"

Anna taught me to be passionate about my craft and to work hard. Most importantly, she believed in me and gave me opportunities to expand as an actor that nobody had given me before. For this, I am eternally grateful. I love this woman and her indomitable spirit."

Cesar DeFuentes

I have heard wonderful things about your workshops. All the talent that you have referred to me have always been good and ready to go!

Javier Rivero
U Model & Talent

Anna Panaro is a great teacher. I starting working with Anna in 1998 and their is no other teacher I would rather be with. She will make you work hard and encourages you to become dedicated to become not just a good actor, but a great actor. She has brought out my desire to become just that. She allows me to take risks and to expand my creativity and imagination. If you want to become an actor, she will teach you to become one. Now I am a member of the prestigious, award-winning theatre company, GROUND UP & RISING, in South Florida. Thanks Anna!

Rachel Chin

Your TV Commercial Course was invaluable!! Within only three weeks after completion, I shot my first commercial for Medi-Source. It came three months earlier than the goal I set for myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Delores Arnold M.D.

You probably don't remember me, but I was a high school student of yours back in New York City in the mid 70's. I think of you often, as you were a wonderful teacher to me and fueled the fire in me to pursue acting. I moved to Los Angeles in 1978 to pursue my dreams and I have been doing it ever since. I want you to know that you have a place in my heart because of your generosity of spirit and love as a teacher. I just wanted to send you love and blessings and tell you that you matter greatly to the world. I am so grateful to you for touching me with your magic

Lydia Nicole
Actress / Comedienne / Producer / Speaker

Anna Panaro is one of the most creative and devoted human beings I have ever had the honor of knowing. As my Acting Teacher/Coach from 1996 to 1999, Anna helped immensely to restore my Acting skills and helped me, intensively, to re-learn the delightful art of Improvisation. She is a wonderful Acting teacher, who employs various teaching techniques including but not limited to, the Stanislavsky method. She is a loyal supporter of, and friend to, her improv, acting, screenwriting and other students. She provides hands-on coaching on headshot and resume preparation and when she can, many contacts for students to have a leg-up in "the biz." She is priceless, a wonderful teacher, and an every-bit-as-wonderful-and-devoted personal friend as well. I strongly recommend Anna Panaro and The Panaro Academy of Dramatic Arts. You will be much richer for the experience, I solemnly promise you that.

Donald Dale Ramsey
Actor / Screenwriter

Thank you for your time with Anyeli. She was accepted in a Magnet Theatre program. It was thanks to your classes that Anyeli was admitted to South Miami Middle School Center for the Arts. I am very grateful for your patience and commitment with my daughter. Your method of teaching theatre is excellent.

Kenia Iglesias
Miami, Florida

Anna Panaro gave me my start in the entertainment business. I owe her a tremendous amount both in her teachings and moral support. Anna told me that I could succeed in this business which I have done. If you have ever dreamed of being on stage or television or film, contact Anna. She is my friend, mentor and I will forever have the honor of calling her my spiritual angel. Call her today to get started on your hopes and dreams.

Gary Timmons
Model / Actor

A round of applause for your acting techniques! I was just offered a monthly segment on the Nationally broadcast PBS show, The Nightly Business Report, and can with certainty credit your workshop’s methods for this success. After seeing my first attempt (ever) on camera, the producers agreed that I sounded “natural” and “conversational”. In truth, I had memorized and rehearsed the lines and relied solely on your Basic Acting Breakdown Method to get me through the reading. Thank you for developing this material and employing it in your classes.

Brett Graff
Correspondent / Nightly Business Report

Taking the 8 Week-TV Commercial Course was the best decision I ever made. Anna has a vast and thorough knowledge of the industry. She has a radiant talent as an actor and generously shares everything she knows with her students. By the end of the course, you are fully equipped to enter or re-enter the industry with a solid sense of exactly what to expect and how to successfully deliver. You will learn everything you will need to be successful. She does not leave out one detail and strives to bring out the absolute best in each of her students with tireless effort. She is the best, most informed teacher in the industry, an incredible talent, committed friend, coach and my mentor, who is readily available to her students, long after the course is over. Any success I have in the industry is due to the strong foundation, that was provided for me through Anna's 8-Week TV Commercial Course. I am so thankful to know such a remarkable woman!

Sheridan Hainline
Model / Actress

Thank you so much for your wonderful and dedicated way of teaching acting and all that comes with it. All your help through affirmations, goal-setting, relaxation techniques and yoga paid off big. And it paid off fast!! Within one week of starting to audition, I booked 2 major commercials (Peter Stuyvesant Cigarettes/Europe & Barcelo Rum) as a principal and today, three weeks later, I finished shooting my third (Ford Cars). Thanks for pointing out the little things and for helping me getting a better health overall. Anna Panaro, thanks for all you patience and support. You are just great. I’ll be coming back to the PANARO ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS for more of that acting stuff...

Arno Raymakers
Actor / Voice-Over Talent / Dancer

Entertainment Director for Celebrity Cruises
Media Presentations International, Inc.

It was a New Year’s resolution to find myself an Acting Coach who could teach me, inspire me and serve as a mentor. Soon after, I met Anna Panaro and participated in her TV Commercial Class, Various Workshops and many Private Acting Lessons. Only one year later, I moved to Los Angeles, California to put my plan into action and make my dream of being an actress a reality. Thank you Anna for all your encouragement and for believing in my dream. With Heartfelt Gratitude,

Kimberly Blackford
Model / Actress

Within two months after completing the TV Commercial Course, I landed four Commercials and three Movies. Their’s no stopping now!! I owe it all to Anna at the PANARO ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS. Thanks a lot!

Ben Malone

I must tell you that your students struck gold when they found you. After attending your class, hearing that accolades I’ve been hearing about you, is no surprise to me now. Whether or not your students become a talent for commercials or other acting activities, they will greatly benefit in their careers as a result of what you teach them. It’s good growth and it’s good for life.

Al Matracht
Photographer / Actor

Anna’s teaching is precise and enlightening. She opened doors of creativity in me that was overshadowed by the routine of my daily life. Class after class, I found myself becoming more confident. I also enjoyed the fun and intimacy offered in her various workshops. Anna Panaro is a great teacher who truly cares and continually encourages me every step of the way, to reach for my dreams. I am indeed very grateful.
With love,

Irvana Mac

My affirmation date was November 15th and I shot my first Commercial on October 19th. It can happen...... Listen to Anna, believe in yourself and just go for it! Anna, you’re the best!! Thank you!

Amy Molitor

Anna, you have been a beacon of light for me while I was in Miami. Coming from extensive training in New York City, I was delighted to find you. When one searches for a coach, it is important that one finds one who you can trust and creates a safe and comfortable environment. She did just that. As she sets the stage, she allows you with her own creative instincts to set you free. Anna has been and continues to be source of inspiration for me and a dear friend. After taking the TV Commercial Class, I booked my first Commercial in Miami. God Bless.

John Paul Bellomo

A few years ago I began my journey as an actor. Shortly after, I was informed of Anna’s outstanding acting courses at the PANARO ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS. I initially took Anna’s improvisation course and was immediately encouraged by her diligence and commitment to bring out the best in her students. I was so encouraged that I enrolled in her TV Commercial Course. I’ve since taken Anna’s basic private acting classes on several occasions as well as her Master Scene Study Classes. I’ve worked with several teachers in the area and none have had the work ethic or paid attention to detail quite like Anna. She has helped to instill discipline in me as well as respect for the craft of acting. She has also helped me to understand the importance of character development and creating layers within the character. Anna has been a tremendous help to my career and would do so for anyone else on any level.

Kwame M. Riley

I started taking private acting lessons with Anna when I was six years old. A year later I worked in three short films. We then worked on an audition monologue which got me into the Drama program at South Miami Middle School. I took Anna’s TV Commercial Course showing me how to say and use expressions on camera. Soon after, I got an agent. Since then, I have done two commercials and just shot my first feature film. Thanks to her coaching, I am now attending NEW WORLD SCHOOL OF THE ARTS.

Zachary Leibell
Youth Actor

I joined Anna’s classes in New York City to test myself..... to see if I could perform on the stage like so many of the talented actors whose performances I so admired. At first I was barely able to speak, never mind move at the same time. After nine months of classes, I performed in my first showcase, not only was I able to speak and move, but I was doing physical comedy as well. I never went into theatre professionally, however, in my business life, I now speak quite often in front of large audiences. I am confident. I can project in a large room and I can move naturally as I speak. I credit that success to Anna’s classes at the PANARO ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS.

Arlene Grauer
Corporate Business Woman

I thank GOD that at last my dream of making commercials has come true. My first TV Commercial for AT&T came one month after completing the course. I must acknowledge the professional guidance of my drama teacher, Anna Panaro. Her enthusiasm and personality made it all easy and fun.

Maruja Rodriguez

I am very thankful and pleased to have taken your TV Commercial Course. I feel much more confidence now about auditioning. I always looked forward to the next class because it always surprised me and I learned something new every time. Thank you also for helping me prepare my resume and pushing me to get out there. I still have a lot to learn from you, so be sure, I will be back for more.

Olga Bliss

Anna’s New York City classes provided me with just the right mix of challenges and support to help me tap into my creativity and experience a part of myself that I had kept hidden for most of my life. Anna is brilliant in always zeroing in on whatever I needed to do to break through my resistance, with amazing results. I grew both in personal life, in my relationship with myself and my professional life. After many years, I find I am still using the techniques that I learned from Anna.

Diane Frattini
Corporate Advertising Executive

Anna Panaro was my acting coach and mentor for three years while I lived in Miami Beach. I feel strongly that I couldn’t have received better training. After taking the initial TV Commercial Course to prepare me for auditions, I was eager to take private and group lessons. Anna taught me so much valuable information needed to hone my craft. She taught me to BE the character, not just “act” it. We spent hours dissecting and analyzing the characters.

As a director, Anna has the perfect balance of guidance and the ability to challenge the actor to bring forth the best. She directs with complete honesty and she inspires excellence. Her energy is limitless. Anna stresses professionalism and integrity. She required all of us to work hard. Without her leadership, I doubt any of us would have made the progress we did.

Under Anna’s tutelage I feel I grew tremendously as an actor. But even more important, I feel I grew as a person. She has become more that an acting coach to me, she has become someone I care about because I know she cares for me. This type of mentoring is what separates Anna from the others. I count it a privilege to have been one of her students.

Marlene Good

Over twenty-five years ago, I made a decision to take acting classes. With all the choices there were in Manhattan, I chose to take introductory classes with a woman whose vibrant personality and kind wisdom would put me at ease. That woman, Anna Panaro and the PANARO ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS opened new doors for me as a person. Not only was Anna's style of teaching instructional, but it helped create a new self-awareness and self-confidence in my everyday life. She generously offers her technique to beginners as well as strengthening skills for professionals. Her technique taught me a greater understanding of myself and how to better relate to others. Anna Panaro is a gifted teacher. One of the best decisions I've ever made was meeting Anna and discovering the PANARO ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS.

Mel Carrington
Professional Businessman

I just finished my first commercial shoot for Headquarter Toyota. It went well, was quick and fun. Thank you again for your knowledge, support and guidance. It's amazing to think that only one week after our last class, I shot my first commercial. From the audition to the shoot I felt armed with the tools that I needed to get the job done. Thanks again.

Ana Caban
Actress / Fitness Guru

I attended Anna Panaro’s TV Commercial Course. Anna is a great person and a very professional coach. She will put her students on camera until they shake off their fears and feel natural at it. She helped me learn the fundamental skills on what to expect at an audition, how to prepare and most importantly the do’s and don’ts to book the job. Since then, I have worked on many TV commercial roles for clients such as Publix, Toyota, Sony, Royal Caribbean, Disney and many others. I constantly find myself putting into practice the skills I learned. I am very glad I took Anna's course and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about working in TV commercials or any kind of on camera work for that matter. Thank you Anna!

Dani Driggs
Singer / Songwriter / Actor / Producer

Hello my dear teacher,
Your classes were really helpful, not only in my acting career but I use those skills to improve my attitude in my everyday life.
Thank you.

Natalia Ilika