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Kasia Pilewicz performed the
Best Commercial to date on
America's Next Top Model
Season 16.

Kasia's hard work in the
TV Commercial Course paid off!


Classes Offered
Instructor: Anna Panaro

Scene Study / Performance Class
(Intermediate / Advanced)

(Prerequisite – Basic Acting)

In this class, the focus is on relating the techniques acquired in BASIC ACTING to others on stage, by working on Scenes and Monologues. With technique, the actor has the security of knowing that when you get it right, you can do it again. It is your craft “Tool Kit”. Those students who excel in the Scene Work, will be invited to participate in our next "Works In Progress" SHOWCASE PRODUCTION. Acting roles are assigned from various plays. Actors are required to prepare for the role with the techniques they have learned. They will not only research and explore the role but, by using their technique, they will learn how to become their own directors as well. The students perform at our studio and at various other events at least three times a year as a member of the PANARO ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS. In addition to this class, students are urged to participate in the Improvisation & Theatre Games Class to round out their instrument.

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Limit: 8 Students

4 – Classes: $225

Students who register by one week before class, will be given a $30 discount.

NEXT SESSON: To Be Announced


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(All Levels Welcome)

Improvisations are used to build techniques. This is a great way to learn acting skills in a fun way. These exercises act as a guide to help the actor find truthful stage behavior and confidence through concentration and imagination. Since these exercises help the actor "BE IN THE MOMENT" they automatically enhance auditioning skills. Not only are they useful to actors but also to those in the business world, to enhance job performance, relationships and every aspect of life.

Available only for Corporations,
Community Groups and Holidays Parties
or just a Fabulous Fun Gift
for your Employees.

For more information contact:
Artistic Director, Anna Panaro
(305) 632-2586 or email

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TV Commercial Course
(All Levels Welcome)

This 8-Week On-Camera workshop introduces the student to the "Television Commercial". It covers Speech Dynamics, Self-Expression, Personal Development, Cold Readings, the use of Cue Cards, Non-speaking Commercials, Voice-overs, Two People Scenes, Various Unions and the Importance of them. The student will learn how to Recognize and Select Legitimate Theatrical and/or Model Agencies. Skills such as Analyzing Scripts and Memorizing will be our Top Priority. We will discuss how to approach the Professional Audition, Proper Photographs, Resumes, Interview Technique, Wardrobe and Make-up. The student will be filmed every class and view themselves at the end of each class. As a result, the student will learn how to present themselves as a “Professional”. Open to ages 14 and older

8 – Classes ( Each Lesson - 2 hours): $495

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Basic Acting
FREE YOUR SPIRIT! Release inhibitions which block the creative process. Learn proper skills and techniques of ACTING based on the "Original" STANISLAVSKI METHOD!
6 - Classes (Each Lesson 1-1/2 Hours): $395

Individual Lessons For Auditions
On site - $75 per hour
Off site -
$100 per hour (plus travel - $1.00 per mile)

These classes are geared for those who wish to improve their SPEECH, focusing specifically on Proper Articulation, Pronunciation and Diction, They are especially helpful to those who are trying to reduce a regional or foreign accent.
6 - Classes (Each Lesson 1-1/2 Hours): $395

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